The Fodor Group of Companies

The Fodor Group of Companies under the leadership of its founder Tim F. Fodor, has numerous diversified entities operating both domestic and internationally for over 25 years. The Fodor Group main expertise is geoscience exploration around the world looking for large undiscovered volumes of hydrocarbons- oil and gas. In addition, The Fodor Group seeks to add other concepts that provide a high degree of return with balanced risk.

Active Entities

The Fodor Group Of Companies is comprised at present of 6 active entities operating around the globe with offices and affiliates in 8 countries.

Tim F. Fodor

Tim F. Fodor has over 30 years of experience in the exploration, drilling and production in the United States and international oil and gas industries. Mr. Fodor is originally from Southwest Pennsylvania. He received his Bachelor of Science in Geology from Edinboro University in 1976.

About Tim F. Fodor